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Inter-Agency Accreditation

Inter-Agency Accreditation is designed to reduce duplication and compliance for providers when they are working with government agencies to deliver social services to the community. This is being done by:

  • co-designing processes with providers
  • increasing consistency in government processes
  • assessing providers against a number of shared standards
  • considering the finding of other agencies
  • assess providers’ capability and capacity to deliver services.

We’ve ran co-design workshop sessions throughout New Zealand with providers. These were invaluable for us to understand what providers would like to change. You can download the notes from the workshops:

About accreditation

‘Accreditation’ is a process government agencies use to assess a provider’s capability and capacity to deliver quality social services, as required under contracts, legislation and/or standards.

Accreditation is currently called a number of different things across government, including: audit, due diligence, surveillance, certification review, evaluation, and aspects of contract monitoring.


Inter-Agency Accreditation has clear benefits for both providers and for government agencies.

Many providers (particularly those with compliance across multiple agencies) will see reduced accreditation activity, which will save both time and resources.

Government agencies will benefit from increased efficiencies and deeper collaboration, including building a shared skill base across government.

As a provider you will start to see:

  • Social Sector Accreditation Standards being used across government
  • less duplication as providers share accreditation information
  • less time spent on accreditation as agencies consolidate their visits
  • use of a common accreditation language across agencies
  • further alignment of accreditation standards as the process continues.

Inter-Agency Accreditation Standards

In the Inter-Agency Accreditation process, social sector agencies have jointly developed the Social Sector Accreditation Standards.

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